2016 Meeting of the Italian SOlar and HEliospheric community

The meeting of the Italian solar and heliospheric physicists will be held in Rome, Italy on May 30, 31 and June 1, 2016.

We will be hosted by ASI in the new headquarters in Via del Politecnico s/n, 00133 Rome.

This meeting provides a forum for the Italian solar and heliospheric physicists to constructively discuss topics of keen interest and to consolidate – and establish new- scientific collaborations. The meeting will consist of 3 main sections:

  1. The dynamics and variability of the Sun,
    including: the initiation, generation, and development of solar eruptive events (flares, CMEs, SEPs, etc.); the energy transfer mechanisms from the solar interior to the outer layers and to the solar wind (convective, radiative, ondulatory processes and their interaction with the magnetic field).
  2. Influences of the solar related phenomena on the heliosphere,
    including: the interplanetary propagation of SEPs, CMEs and solar wind features (turbulence, shocks, CIRs, high speed streams, etc.); their interaction with planetary environments; the Space Weather perspective.
  3. Advances in instrumentation and space missions


We encourage young researchers to participate.

The meeting is obviously open to all solar physicists!

To foster open discussion and grant each presenting participant a proper space, we plan to accept contributions as posters and host those contributions in 1hr long sessions.

Registration and abstract submission is now open.